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Jobs for Iowa

Democrats believe that pro-business AND pro-worker equals a strong economy for everyone to move ahead. Ensuring that the workforce in Iowa is equipped with the technical skills and training needed for the best, high-paying jobs is the key to attracting new and expanding businesses. However, we support reforming tax policy for companies that replace manufacturing jobs with automation in order to ensure they pay their fair share. 


Democrats believe that Iowa has more to offer businesses, like Apple, Facebook, Google and others, to relocate here than just long-term tax-breaks. We have the talent, space, environment and the best workforce in the U.S.


We support the pre-2017 public sector collective bargaining statute, Iowa Code Chapter 20, to restore all of the rights of unions that represent public employees, including having dues paid through paychecks, negotiating over benefits and seniority, having job security, and continuing recognition (not requiring recertification every year). 

Democrats oppose the efforts by the Republican legislature and the Republican governor to enact anti-worker laws. We oppose changes to workers’ compensation laws that result in the reduction of eligibility and/or benefits. We support strengthening collective bargaining rights for all workers. 



We support increasing the federal and state minimum wage to allow struggling neighbors to find a path toward the middle-class. 

There is much more we can do to generate the jobs of tomorrow and keep our people employed. Click here to read more.

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