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Polk Dems Leadership


The path to a better future begins with education. A quality education or technical training opens opportunities for a person to compete for high-paying jobs, own a home, provide for their family, start a business or achieve any of their other dreams.


Democrats support proper funding for a strong, public education system and making college affordable, so that any Iowa student, regardless of family income or the community they live in, can receive the education necessary to compete. We also believe that properly funding our teachers will create more innovative learning in the classroom resulting in higher achievement rates among Iowa students.

We also support adequately funding Iowa’s public universities and community colleges, maintaining tenure, and prohibiting a political test for hiring.

Finally, we support access to high-quality early education, with early learning and literacy programs. We support ensuring all child care centers operating in Iowa are required to comply with health and safety standards by subjecting church-related child care centers to the same licensing standards as other child care center in Iowa. This means background checks, performance evaluations, and site inspections.

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