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Caucus 2020

The 2020 Caucus is a short time away.  If you are new to the Caucus process or just need a refresh on the what's, where's and how's this important event runs and delegates are tabulated, we urge you to read the document below. Please contact us if you are not certain where you should be caucusing.





TIME:  7:00 pm Central Time


DATE:  Monday, February 3, 2020


Precinct Black-Adair Casey High School

Precinct Purple-West Central High School

Precinct Blue-Panorama High School

Precinct Brown-Panorama High School

Precinct Gold-Guthrie Center High School

Precinct White-Guthrie Center High School

Precinct Green-Yale Community Center

Precinct Red-Bayard Community Center


Precinct caucuses will largely remain the same, but we have introduced some changes to ensure the process is completed with more simplicity.



● Once the 1st expression (or 1st alignment) is finished, the preference group total cannot decrease.

● Once 1st expression total is confirmed, preference group members can leave.

● Members of a viable preference group cannot realign.



● Members of non-viable preference groups will be given 15 mins to realign.

● Can join viable groups or other nonviable groups to become viable.

● Note: There will be only ONE realignment period.



Presidential preference cards (PPCs) will be used at the precinct caucuses for the sole purpose to ensure a recount is possible.

● Each eligible precinct caucus attendee will be given a PPC(s) to express their preference at the caucus.

● This may be done upon check-in or before/during preference group formation.

● The PPC(s) will be “signed” by the caucus participant and submitted for tabulation at both expressions of preference (if necessary).

● The PPCs can be used to determine an accurate count of preference at both the 1st and final expression of preference.

● PPCs will be kept by the County Chair until the Democratic National Convention.

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